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moon is built on a series of robust, customizable, yet easy to populate repositories of your company assets.

Business relationships

First and foremost, moon is your directory for all business partners, clients, prospects, and suppliers.  

Organized in a logical fashion, you can link companies to individuals or contacts and assign roles.  You can also characterize the nature of the relationship between those contacts and your own team members.  This database can easily be uploaded from your existing tools.  

All leads and prospects start from your business relationship universe, which contains all essential data to ensure a smooth daily interaction with them.


Next to business partners, your team members represent your company's most important source of value.  

They deserve special attention, in particular as they will become intense users of the moon solution, to both give and retrieve information enabling them to improve their work. Special tags can be used to signal particular competences.

moon contains a directory of all your resources together with their specific files.  They can track their evolution in the company.  Their promotions are logged, as well as their package evolution.

As registered users, they will access their moonitor and other key screens.  Obviously access rights and passwords are foreseen to cope with security and privacy issues.

All your business partners in one place

Personal files for the company resources


As a professional services company, chances are high that you spend time building specific knowledge pieces, such as

  • methodologies,
  • products and solutions that boost your service delivery, and
  • brands that support your marketing approach.  

These can represent major investments over time and moon lets you track these and manage your competitive assets.


In the end, it comes back to cash flows.  moon also makes sure you can trace all your cash and treasury positions.

You have a consolidated view of your financing needs and the ability to run simulations.

In particular, you can list and forecast cash positions on all your bank accounts, taking into consideration the different currencies they are denominated in — and assumptions on prospect conversion rates.  

An overview of all internal projects and investments

Cash flow scenario in one click