Energize your teams

Managing professional service firms requires a delicate balance between individual freedom and collective discipline — spanning over several core processes, such as Client service, Knowledge creation and People development.

Put simply, one has to

  1. instill a culture of initiative-taking from a large number of team members, while

  2. ensuring adherence to quality standards, including on work methods, and

  3. keeping the overall economics and administrative burden under control.  

Instead of responding with a long list of company guidelines, rely on moon to provide you with a collaborative, yet integrated and structured solution that helps you reach your goals.

Cloud-based solutions enable decentralized instant exchanges of information, as well as immediate company status updates.  

Catalyze initiatives from everyone with a collaborative tool

One platform

moon supports all core business processes of professional service firms, and is delivered in a SaaS format requiring absolutely no installation.  

Its main features include:

  • Representation of your firm's business model (organizational structure, cost centers) — a vital input for assigning responsibilities and setting objectives.
  • Repository for asset data (business relationships, people, knowledge, financial means) — no more copy/paste between multiple databases.
  • Coverage of operational processes:  
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): from prospect to client,
    • Project Management and Time & Expenses Tracking: from signature to project delivery,
    • R&D and Knowledge Management: from innovative idea to product/solution management,
    • People Development & Staffing: from young recruit to experienced professional,
    • Cash flow: from invoice to cash management.
  • Support to top management for steering the whole business:
    • Company dashboard (including KPI such as time utilization, project over/under-runs, sales funnel),
    • Real time end-of-year P&L projections,
    • Planning and budgeting,
    • Simulations, action tracking, warnings.
  • Communication: teams are instantly informed of each other's key actions and their impact on the firm's economics.

An integrated architecture that strengthen your strategy

Attractive to all

Thanks to its easy access and intuitive architecture, moon helps professionals improve the quality of their work and better interact with others — both internally and externally:

  • Professionals assigned to projects manage and communicate their contribution (client negotiation, progress reviews, time sheets, expenses) without any paperwork wherever they are.  In addition, they have a clear view on their time utilization and other metrics. Meetings are focused on decisions and actions, not simply on exchange of information.
  • Support Staff and Office Managers find moon extremely useful as it concentrates all required information to manage the invoicing, people development, staffing and financial reporting processes — in one place.
  • Top management is the last but not the least beneficiary of the moon solution. In one click, they can check the situation and perspectives of the company, choose what to do and communicate decisions:
    • Sales projections, with detailed drill-down and gap analyses,
    • Staff time utilization,
    • Projected end-of-year P&L,
    • Warnings via email.

A more effective and efficient way of working together

Adhesion to the solution comes naturally as professionals and management get more value out of it than the effort they spend to update information.

"In a word, moon is not just an automation tool, it boosts the whole team to reach its goals."