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Once the foundations and building blocks are laid down, your teams will be in a position to use moon functions to support their work. Brought under one roof, your firm's core management processes are rigorously covered and connected.

1. From Prospect to Client

All you need to win your deals

The moon solution includes a comprehensive CRM tool, featuring all essential functionalities:

  • Company and contact database,
  • Automatic upload of new contacts from gmail,
  • Leads and action plans, exports for mails,
  • Turnover and resource allocation projections (used for the Dashboard),
  • Funnel analysis,
  • Alerts.

Your sales meetings will focus on decisions and actions, not just information exchange.

You can easily upload data from other sources, and interface moon with e-campaign tools.  

2a. From Signature to Project Delivery

All you need to deliver your projects

Once you have won projects with clients, a whole set of actions takes place under the theme of Project Management. The objective is to successfully deliver on your promises!

The moon solution will accompany you along the complete project delivery cycle and help you manage critical steps:

  • Project work plan, including resources allocation, deadlines, task descriptions, workload,
  • People staffing, filling in of time sheets and expenses reports,
  • Quality control (warnings for possible delays or excessive man-days consumption).

The Project Management tool accommodates a vast variety of projects, from very simple to multi-phased and multi-tasked.  The time sheet user interface has been thoroughly designed to minimize the number of clicks required to report one's activity.  In addition, a series of soft incentives has been introduced to ensure adherence to regular time reporting by all.

2b. From innovative Idea to Product/Solution management

All you need to organize your tasks

Very much like your company manages projects to serve its clients, moon will allow you to launch and track internal investments to build knowledge assets, such as  white papers, IT solutions, or methodologies:

  • Set-up of internal projects for Research & Development and Knowledge building,
  • Project management and tracing of cumulative investments,
  • Link with time sheets.

Once available to clients, knowledge assets can be referenced as Products and their license or maintenance fees be tracked over time.  Subsequent releases and version management are also included.

3. From Young Recruit to Experienced Professional

All you need to develop people

Most professional firms have made the subject of people development one of their priorities in the war for talent.

moon provides a series of tools designed for both HR coordinators and company members themselves:

  • Reference database: Salary package, key personal information, competences,
  • Career evolution, evaluations, promotions,
  • Staffing on projects,
  • Time tracking, and expenses management,
  • Links with project management.

To steer their career, individuals can signal their staffing and training preferences via their personal info sheet.

Furthermore, the personal info screen, the moonitor, displays all key actions, warnings, and metrics, such as time utilization, for professional staff members to manage their priorities.

4. From Invoice to Cash

All you need to manage and follow-up on your invoices

Most importantly, along with Project Management, the full financial process is also included in moon.

  • Automatic invoice generation (pdf) linked to Project Management (click to download invoice example),
  • Multiple billing choices available (fixed budget, time and materials, based on deliverables)
  • Ability to edit and append hours charged with comments over a given period of time
  • Payment follow-up, assigned to responsible person,
  • Stack of invoices with relevant status allowing for immediate diagnostic and action.

A set of warnings, pointing to the responsible person, ensures discipline in this critical matter.

Several charts are available in the Dashboard to zoom in on particular issues and identify possible periods of risks in the future.