Like most SaaS, moon is charged on a per user per month basis.  

Pricing schemes are kept as simple as possible, with one single price per user.

  • For companies up to 100 professionals, list price per user per month is only 30€, excluding taxes.
  • For companies bigger than 100 professionals, discounts are available.
  • A 15% discount is applied for 3-year contracts.

There is no minimum fixed fee and no minimum time commitment.  
As our goal is to help you grow your company,
we aspire to be a partner from the start — with a fully variable scheme.

Monthly fee is all-in and covers

  • rights to use the software,
  • access to all future developments,
  • maintenance,
  • infrastructure, such as servers and storage area, and
  • customer support — via our dedicated forum.

We offer also optional implementation services, for you to have a good start.  

Yes, we have it in stock

Yes, we have it in stock