Implementation services

Contrary to typical ERPs or CRMs, moon's design is such that it does not require any heavy implementation services from external providers.   Most implementations do not take more than a few days of work, for a medium-sized firm with moderate data migration volumes.

The web user interface is rather self-explanatory and icons, topical user suggestions or reminders — actioned by mouse-hover — and field descriptions are a convenient source of information for beginners.

We have nevertheless designed three modules for assistance, would your company need support in the following domains:

  • Basic set-up,
  • Migration of data,
  • Trainings.

These optional cases for assistance are charged separately in the form of man-days, for which a quote will be submitted.

Now this should work

Now this should work

Basic set-up

Even though moon's customization can be performed entirely by yourself via the user interface (see technology), our support in this specific task will help you save precious time.  We will map your specificities such as practices, offices, legal entities, and analytical accounting structure and set these up in the tool, ready to be used.

Our contribution may also include more strategic design aspects, such as the design of the best management reporting structure, or of the most appropriate organizational clustering, or the envisioned level of data transparency, in discussion with your leadership team.  The optimal answer might be influenced by management priorities, existing or desired KPIs, and repartition of individual responsibilities.  

Your business model must be clarified prior to using moon, otherwise reports will not follow the expected cut.

Typically our intervention would not exceed 2 or 3 business days for a company of 30 to 70 professionals.

Migration of data

You obviously have not been waiting for us to help you;  your company already runs on a series of software solutions, with their own databases.

Transferring those vital data is always a painstaking experience for which you can rely on us.  

We will extract all relevant information regarding your business partners, human resources, time sheets, financials, and reporting tables — and populate moon's database with minimal manual input.


We also provide starter and advanced training modules on how to best use moon.

Given the impact the solution has on the daily activities of all staff members, one should not underestimate the need to thoroughly communicate its purpose and prepare implementation with both technical and behavioral training sessions.  

We can assist you here as well.