"Everyone, Everywhere, Always"

Your teams are on the move, as much as yourself.  

moon has been developed as a web application for maximum freedom.  
All users can always check the latest news and introduce their updates wherever they are.  

Collaboration has never been so easy.

Coming to your office soon

Coming to your office soon


In line with the need for maximum ease of use and for always incorporating the latest business info, moon is deployed as a Software as a Service (SaaS), available on any support, as long as you are connected to the internet:

  • Desktop,
  • Tablet,
  • Smartphone.

No local installation and no maintenance are required.  moon runs on any well-established browser.
Regular upgrades are made available through the cloud.

Customer requests are recognized as an invaluable source of new ideas and are welcomed via our dedicated forum.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Moon is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This player is a world-class partner and service provider, boasting a 6-sigma quality and uptime performance.

The moon application runs separately from its databases.  Each client has its dedicated production database which is backed up every night on Amazon S3.

This architecture ensures complete protection of your data. Direct secured access to the database can be requested on demand for specific client reporting needs.  

Deployment & Settings

As moon does not require any local server installation, there is no need for us to spend days on your premises for a long set-up.  Once you have received the access codes to your own moon instance, you can start using moon right away.

A small set of settings are required to tune moon to your particular needs. All settings and customizations are available through the same web interface to the appointed moon administrator in your organization. This enables you to replicate your business and organization structure. If you prefer, our support can also be requested (see Services). 


Screens adjust to the device


Customize moon yourself

If you want to know more about the underlying technology and set up process, feel free to contact us by clicking here.