Why moon

Your firm has grown successfully, that is the good part. 
Now, somehow the pace is slowing down, day-to-day operations get in the way.  

Trouble coming

Trouble coming

Does the following sound familiar?

  • The internal operations for tracking times, invoicing, reporting and budgeting seem to be eating too much energy.
  • Everybody keeps on copying and pasting numerous files between IT solutions, worksheets, and personal productivity tools, and there is a lot of error reconciliation going on.
  • You organize internal meetings to update each other
  • ... while you should be with your clients,
  • ... and getting a clear action plan on the sales pipeline.
  • You always scramble to understand your economics, forecast your P&L and explain differences compared to objectives.

If yes, you may have reached a point where internal execution undermines the quality of your client service.

We have the right solution for you

moon is designed to accommodate the needs of Professional Service firms active in various fields such as Consulting, IT/technology, or Communications.  It is a unique combination of Project Management, Time reports, CRM, ERP, HR Management, and KPI/financial reporting:

It's so handy

It's so handy

  1. moon is conceived as a software as a service (SaaS), you do not need to install any piece of code locally and, as a result, you can access moon from everywhere, on any device of your choice;
  2. we offer the optional start-up services for basic configuration, data migration and company deployment so transition is not blocking you.

moon's main benefits are to be found in its completely integrated approach, eliminating heavy interfaces between the various domains.  Its SaaS architecture makes it the ideal companion for mobile professionals. 

You can go step by step, no need for a big bang

Choose your own path

Choose your own path

There are several entry points to successfully implement moon, and you are not obliged to run each and every module from the start.

Typically, the following approaches are working well, and you can go at your own rhythm:


  • Time sheets -> Project Management -> CRM -> invoicing — dashboard always operational
  • CRM -> invoicing -> time sheets -> Project Management — dashboard always operational

Depending on your current systems and management priorities, we can advise you on how to opt for the smoothest path: 80% of the impact for 20% of the effort.

Fastest implementation track record

Because moon has been designed by and for professionals, and thanks to its SaaS architecture, you only need a few days to be fully operational.  The installation and fine-tuning only requires limited efforts from your teams: 

  • CEO or Senior Partner: vision about organizational and P&L structure, and communication philosophy
  • Office Manager: specifications for financial, HR and operational processes
  • IT expert: transfer of files for data migration
  • Selected professionals: training sessions for 10% of your workforce, acting as internal trainers for their colleagues

Professional service firms running on moon

The following firms have entrusted moon as their core management solution:

A great help for our start-up”

”moon is proving a very valuable tool for our start up. As we grow, it helps us keep track of time spent on projects, planned and overdue invoice, new prospects, etc. The export to excel functions and direct database access enable us to link it directly to our internal visualization and reporting, resulting in great real time information and better decision making. Its flexible rights management feature means that we were able to create tailored user classes for people throughout the whole organization, enabling everyone to contribute.
— Lorenzo Solari, CFO - Real Impact Analytics
More effective communication and transparency”

”In my role of Office Manager, I use moon on a daily basis. moon gives me all the information I need to prepare and send invoices to clients, interact with consultants regarding time sheets, and support our CEO for preparing financial reports. Besides my increased productivity, the tool’s main added value is the more effective communication and transparency it enables among all team members. I warmly recommend the tool for its collaborative nature.
— Laurence Bourgeois, Office Manager - n-Side
A powerful collaborative platform for CXO and management levels”

”I have been using MOON for a few years, first as a team leader and business developer, then at a “CEO”-like level as subscribed soon after I launched my own startup. MOON is collaborative, meaning that it is able to collect large amounts of detailed data about projects, timesheets, prospects, products, costs projections etc., aggregate them and present high-level information about the company, such as the cash and revenue projections, hottest prospects and actions, project overrun etc. So many indicators that can be really, really time consuming to produce without such system. I am overall very happy with the system and have been “migrating” to MOON many of my administrative tasks about my startup, for which I initially had created custom spreadsheets. Even for a one-person company, this is already faster to populate and easier to maintain!
— Cédric Druck, Owner - Belenox
Excellent system”

”We mainly use it for timesheets and analytical reports. The system offers more than we need. After a year of experience, we finally get the financial data we need to better understand our business trends
— Emmanuel Goedseels, Partner - Whyte Corporate Affairs